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Washburn Robotics, The Millerbots

2017 team silly
We are a group of curious and dedicated high school students with a drive to create the best robot that we can every season and overcome any obstacles in our way.

Your donation will help with transportation, food, housing, robot, and tool costs.


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  • Kathleen Shipp donated "Thank you, Brynn, for all your organizing. I just really don't want to work at RenFest or at Valleyfair." - via Ed Shipp
  • Kathleen Shipp donated "Good luck!" - via Ed Shipp
  • Billi Jo Stevenson donated - via Andrew Hollar
  • Pam Haugen donated - via Lars Haugen
  • Patrick Pueringer donated "Hello Ms. DeVann. I hope this helps with your teams goals! Take care. Mr. P." - via Brynn DeVaan
  • Lisa Kimber donated "Best of Luck" - via Andrew Hollar
  • Sara Kleckner donated "Great kids and a great program. Go MillerBots!"
  • Diane Zimmer donated "Go Sam - Go team! Diane Z."
  • Carl Valdez donated "You are a small group, but you're making a BIG difference, an impact that you cannot possibly realize right now. GoBots!" - via Brynn DeVaan
  • Informed Decisions, Inc. donated "What a great team-Go Millerbots!" - via Anna Teurman
  • Steven Donney donated "robodonator" - via Olivia Donney
  • Stuart DeVaan donated
  • James Meyer donated "For all team members, and proud WHS Millers past and present. " - via Brynn DeVaan
  • Charlotte Nordstrom donated "In honor of my cousin Ron, who was an engineer and passed away recently. He would have loved the robots!!" - via Nils Nordstrom
  • M Le Feber donated "Great save today. Thank you" - via Ed Shipp
  • Dick Hollar donated - via Andrew Hollar
  • Jan Omacht donated "Go Millerbots!" - via Andrew Hollar
  • Barb Brynstad donated "So proud of you guys! Good luck this season." - via Brynn DeVaan
  • Jewel Johnson donated - via Brynn DeVaan
  • Janet Fransen donated "Can't wait to see what you're working on this year! Let's go, Millerbots!" - via Brynn DeVaan
  • Richard Klein donated
  • Michael Schroeder donated "Go Millerbots!" - via Washburn Millerbots
  • Linda Donney donated "Wishing you much success this season. " - via Olivia Donney
  • Patrick & Georgia Cochrane donated "On behalf of Jameson Cochrane - GO MILLERBOTS GO!!!!!" - via Washburn Millerbots
  • The Hagen Family donated "Go Millerbots! 25! 49!" - via Andrew Hollar
  • Mary Lynch donated
  • Bonnie bleskachek donated - via Washburn Millerbots
  • “An anonymous donation was made "Our Team parents our the best supporters I have ever worked with."
  • “An anonymous donation was made - via Mark Le Feber
  • Our build season goal has been reached!

    Thank you to the supporters who have donated generously to the construction of our 2016 robot! We have reached $3000 total raised for our team. Thank you to everyone who has helped us during our season and go Millers!

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